Which is why this is the season when car owners truly value having their own vehicle! The freedom to ferry around the family from one home visit to another is priceless. So, it’s a no-brainer to take extra care, not only on the road but to also keep the car running smoothly. The worst thing is to be inconveniently and unglamorously stranded on the expressway, with the added insult of having to pay through one’s nose for repairs!

So, here’s a check list of tips to ensure your most important ‘family member’ gets some TLC before the hard work!

1. Service your car.

Talk about a no-brainer. While you get busy with beauty makeovers and shopping for new clothes to look your best, don’t forget about your car! You’d want your car to be in tip top condition - let alone during busy festivities. Booking an appointment with your go-to car mechanic for even a simple once over is better than running the risk of your vehicle breaking down and thwarting your Lunar New Year plans.

But, even in the event your car does break down (touch wood!), Singlife car insurance offers quick, 24/7 emergency assistance service1 and will be able to fish you out of any unfortunate car incidents you may run into.


2. Review your car insurance coverage. 

New year, new review! As your car is getting physically checked out, don’t forget to review your car insurance policy. While there is a myriad of choices to pick from, (plus this being the season for insurers to ‘lelong’ their car insurance), don’t fall for the same pattern of going only for the cheapest. After all, you’ve spent a considerable amount on your vehicle, why scrimp on its protection coverage?

When reviewing, remember to read the fine print and ensure additional promotions are well worth it. For instance, you’ve taken one step further and not only had your car serviced but jazzed it up with shiny new rims, tinted UV films and flashy spoilers! Basically, you’ve ‘zhng-ed’ your car to match the auspicious period. (No harm in that, as long as they are LTA-approved.)

But do go back to reviewing your car policy – some may not cover modifications! Don’t want that added shock when making a claim? You’ll be thankful to know that Singlife’s car insurance covers LTA-approved modified cars.

Plus, you’ll be pleased to know that Singlife boasts one of the lowest NCD penalty (10%)1 upon your car insurance claims. Now that’s something worth getting behind!


3.     Prep essential items in your car.

This one’s for the passengers…well, sort of. To make rides pleasant and comfortable for your family or anyone you’ve generously offered to ferry around, having the list of items below can save you a whole lot of trouble and time, or worse, making a detour home. (Not to mention, keeping your car nice and clean!)


  • First-aid kit
  • Bottles of water
  • Wet wipes/tissues
  • Vomit bags
  • Fresh set of clothes


P.S.  This writer is speaking from experience. Any mother will attest to the many ‘surprises’ children can literally throw up during car rides yet happily bounce out of the car upon arrival without a care about the mess left behind!

With these tips, may you drive into your Lunar New Year with prosperity and success! For additional 'Huat', check out our latest car insurance promotions for the best year yet!



1. Excluding Motor Lite plans.

* For further clarification and information on car modifications, please refer to the LTA website.

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