MyBenefitsPlus FAQ

General questions

What is the minimum number of employees needed to start MyBenefits Plus policy?

What is the maximum entry age for my employees?

Can my employees choose the products and the level of coverage based on their preference?

Can my employees insure their dependants (spouse and children)? If yes, what level of coverage are they covered?

Can I cover my employees who are based outside Singapore?


Life and Accident cover

Can the coverage for Group Term Life plan and Group Living Care rider be the same?

Can the sum assured of Group Personal Accident plan be more or less than Group Term Life plan?

What are the main exclusions for MyBenefit Plus Policy?


Will my employees be covered under outpatient medical treatment without Group Basic Medical plan?

Are my employees' specialist visits covered?

Can I request to change the limits of the benefits in each plan or terms and conditions of the policy?

How can my employees enjoy the cashless service during their panel General Practitioner (GP) visit?

Where can we find the list of Panel GP?

What are the other cashless services available?

How does the pro-ration factor work under the Group Basic Medical plan?

Does the medical coverage includes a co-insurance?

Group Dental

Can I only purchase Group Dental rider?

Can my employees visit their preferred dentist and seek reimbursement from Singlife?

If I am buying for my employees and their family members, the annual limit is applicable on per insured basis or per family basis?

Premium Rates

How is the premium charged or refunded for employees who join or leave midway during the policy period?


Is underwriting required for group policies?

What is the usual requirement for underwriting?

Can my insured employee use the report of his/her health screening to replace medical examination?

In an unfortunate event that my employee pass away during the underwriting period, how will the death benefit be paid out?

Does the employee have to pay for the underwriting requirement?