ClaimConnect benefits






  • Submit claims on-the-go
    Scan your documents via your phone to submit claims.

  • Receive claims notification updates
    Get claims update and view claims history at a glance.

  • Not sure what is covered in your policy?
    View coverage details of you and your dependants.

  • Locate the nearest panel clinic
    Track the nearest clinic that's on your company's panel.

  • E-card convenience
    The app includes an e-version of your employee health benefits.

  • Financial Calculator tool
    Calculate your financial commitments.

  • Helps to manage your claim expenses
    View your balance entitlement limits and amounts.

  • Letter of Guarantee (LOG)
    Request for LOG (availability subject to the plan coverage.



    For the portal

    Begin your hassle-free journey with Singlife ClaimConnect. Register with your Singpass or follow these steps:

    • Visit Singlife ClaimConnect.

    • Click on "Apply here" to register.

    • Provide your ID and date of birth, and confirm the details that appear on the next screen.

    • A first time password will be sent to the email registered with Singlife (typically this would be your office email). Use that password to sign in. The set-up is complete.

    Submit your employee insurance claims anytime with ClaimConnect.

    For the app

    Register for the Singlife ClaimConnect App with your Singpass or take the following steps:

    • Download and launch the Singlife ClaimConnect App on your mobile device via Apple's iTunes store or Google Play.

    • Click "Register" and enter the required information. Verify the details onscreen (eg. company name, name and email). Click 'Confirm' if they're correct. If not, please contact your HR support.

    • You'll receive your first-time password sent to your work email address. To access the password, enter your Date of Birth (DDMMYYYY) to open the email's protected attachment. 

    • Go back to the Singlife ClaimConnect App. Log in at the first screen with your User ID and the first-time password. You'll be prompted to change your password immediately. 

    • Lastly, key in your mobile number and click 'Confirm'. Now, you are ready to use Singlife ClaimConnect!