Playing it safe has never been more attractive.

Guaranteed 2.1% return on your savings


Endowment Plan

With our Endowment plan, your money has a stable, well-paying job. We promise you a guaranteed return of 2.1% per annum over three years.



How does this plan benefit me?

Guaranteed Returns

Receive an attractive 2.1% p.a. guaranteed returns

Short 3-year policy term

Short endowment policy term of just 3 years

Paperless Enrolment

Paperless hassle-free enrolment

105% Death Benefit

Death benefit of up to 105% of single premium


Invest any amount of savings from SGD 5,000 up to SGD 100,000

Convenient Payment

Convenient payment via FAST Transfer or eNETS

Second endowment tranche is now Open


More information 
This Single Premium Endowment product’s availability is based on a first-come-first-served basis and is only available for purchase while the tranche is still open. Singapore Life reserves the right to decline any application that does not fulfil the requirement of a complete application without prior notice, including the invalidity of payment received. Policy terms and conditions strictly apply to all applications.

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