In March 2018, Ministry of Health (MOH) announced that all Integrated Shield Plan (IP) riders for new policyholders must incorporate co-payment features by 1 April 2019.

This is in line with the Health Insurance Task Force's recommendations to help address over-consumption of medical services and cost containment measures in light of rising healthcare costs so as to enable continued affordability of healthcare services in Singapore.

Our health essentials

Add our MyHealthPlus rider to your MyShield plan for more healthcare benefits and worry less about out-of-pocket expenses.

Reduce your co-payment amount

Pay 50% of the co-insurance amount incurred under MyShield and less deductible for your hospital bills.

Lump-sum payout of S$10,000 per lifetime

If you're diagnosed with any of the listed Critical Illnesses1, you'll receive a lump-sum payout of S$10,000 per lifetime. Plus, you get an additional lump-sum payout of up to S$3,000 per lifetime for kidney dialysis as a result of kidney failure2.

Seek global medical treatment

You'll be covered for selected illnesses3 and you'll receive coverage of S$1,250,000 per policy year and S$2,500,000 per lifetime is in addition to your MyShield policy year limit.

Two rider options

You can choose either MyHealthPlus Option A-II or Option C-II, depending on your needs. For both plans, you’ll be entitled to the same hospital/ward type that you’ve selected for MyShield.

Key benefits Option A-II Option C-II
Co-insurance benefit Covers 50% of the co-insurance amount incurred under MyShield. Maximum co-insurance4 payable by policyholder is S$3,000 per policy year
Lump-sum payout for Critical Illness benefit S$10,000 per lifetime if diagnosed with any of the listed Critical Illnesses1. An additional lump sum payout of up to S$3,000 per lifetime for kidney dialysis as a result of kidney failure2
Ambulance fees or transport to hospital S$80 per injury or illness
Global Treatment Coverage of up to S$1,250,000 per policy year and up to S$2,500,000 per lifetime with certificate of pre-authorisation obtained from panel overseas hospital for six covered illnesses and medical procedures3
Cover for child(ren) Free cover for child(ren)5 Preferred rate for child(ren)6
Ward downgrade benefit7 Covers 50% of MyShield annual deductible when you stay in a lower ward class than what's covered under your chosen plan N.A.
Deductible benefit N.A. Covers MyShield annual deductible after policyholder pays MyHealthPlus annual deductible


How to opt for global treatment


Reach out to us first

Call 1800 8800 880 to request for global treatment.


We'll assess the case

We'll review the case and keep in touch with you on the outcome of the request.


Complete documentation

Medical concierge services team will get in touch with you to finalise the hospital and location of your treatment and to complete further documentation.


Receive your certificate

Medical concierge services team will send the certificate of pre-authorisation and details on travel and accommodation arrangements.

Get more with Singlife

Get priority access to our panel of private medical specialists.

Policyholders of MyShield and MyHealthPlus will get priority access to our panel of private medical specialists, hassle-free appointment booking plus enjoy a myriad of other benefits when you consult a medical specialist from our panel. 

Terms and Conditions apply.

Get pre-approval of your medical claims

Our hassle-free medical claim pre-approval for policyholders of MyShield and MyHealthPlus allows you to have greater assurance with the certainty of claim outcome before your planned medical treatment. 

Lower premium, same great value! Are you in?

To encourage our customers to join hands with us on our mission to keeping healthcare costs manageable in Singapore, we’ll be rolling out a new premium discount scheme for MyHealthPlus customers in 2022.

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