Looking for standout gifts for your children? They’ll never get these from anyone else

Finding appropriate gifts for the people you love shouldn't be stressful.

Say goodbye to gifting anxiety with these ideas for unique gifts that your child will treasure forever.

As a parent, you’d probably want to be the one who gives your child that special gift, i.e. the one that…

  • magically lights up your child’s face
  • makes it seem as if you knew what your child wanted even before they did
  • will have a lasting impact on your child – long after the party decorations are taken down.

In short, it’s a one-in-a-million gift and usually hard to find. This explains why many people experience gifting anxiety in the lead up to birthdays, festive seasons, and other special occasions when gifts are traditionally exchanged. You may be the most organised/hands-on/affectionate parent but perhaps you’re not very “gifted” at picking out unique presents for your child.

So, like many other parents, you might now be at your wits’ end trying to avoid a situation where your gift misses the mark because it’s not original (e.g. you and your brother give your kid the same toy) or its novelty is short lived (e.g. your child forgets about a new toy after playing with it for just a few weeks). This stress can zap the joy out of gifting, but there is a way out.

The solution: Choosing gifts with lasting value

Toys are important for your child’s development but if they seem to have everything, there’s a high chance that the next toy you give them could be easily duplicated and forgotten. In this case, consider a more meaningful gift that’ll give them lasting memories instead. Finding an original and enduring gift is easy. Just choose from one of these categories:

Experience gifts: These are activities you can do together, from travelling and learning to creating and volunteering

Memory lane gifts: These records of milestones, journeys and musings about the future will always have a place in your child’s life even when they’re 60

Future-proofing gifts: These protect your child’s future and enable them to achieve their dreams

Any gift that falls into these categories will be unique because of a single key ingredient: your involvement. Hence, your child won’t receive the same thing from someone else.


No-fail gifts for your child

So, what gifts do kids want? We’ve compiled a list of four gift options for little ones that are unusual, unforgettable and have a lasting effect.

Gift #1: Garden project

Children like getting their hands dirty and gardening lets them do that for hours while learning about life cycles and where food comes from. Give your child their own gardening space, such as a corner of your balcony at home, along with some seeds, pots and gardening tools. Let them grow flowering and non-flowering plants including vegetables.

As your child sows seeds, waters plants and repots them, they’ll develop skills like responsibility, patience and counting. Gardening also teaches kids to embrace nature and takes them away from their electronic devices. If you have a preschooler, encourage them to chart their plant’s growth by recording its height or number of flowers. This gives them a sense of accomplishment after all their hard work.

Gift #2: Scrapbook

A scrapbook makes a perfect memory lane gift and it’s 100% personal. Decide on a theme such as your child’s “firsts” or milestone moments. Alternatively, theme it around your child’s interests. If it’s planes, you could fill the book with photos of your child in a pilot uniform, a paper plane they folded, a list of their favourite books about flying, funny travel stories and plane boarding passes.

Like old photo albums, this record of cherished memories and thoughts is something your child will want to look at again and again. Creating a scrapbook can also be therapeutic and a different way of expressing your love for them. You could fill the entire scrapbook yourself or fill just half of it, leaving your child to complete the rest of the story.

Gift #3: A year of free dates

With your hectic working schedule, both you and your child are probably yearning for more quality one-to-one time with each other. Give junior a stack of free date coupons that they can “redeem” every month. Each coupon could entitle them to a fun activity like visiting a cat cafe, playing dress up, camping outdoors or recording a song at a music studio. For more excitement, include one bonus Make a Wish coupon where your child gets to choose the date activity.

Going on dates with your child is your chance to focus entirely on them so resist the urge to look at your phone during these bonding sessions. When they see that they have your full attention, they’ll be more open to sharing what’s on their mind.

Gift #4: Protection for your child’s future and dreams

One of the most valuable and lasting gifts you can give your child is a financially secure future – one where they will always have the support to live their life and chase their dreams. That’s why it’s important for you to have life insurance. Should something unexpected happen to you and prevent you from providing for your child, an insurance plan could offer a lifeline. A payout from a life insurance plan could help cover costs such as your child’s daily living expenses or future education costs.

Singlife Simple Term is an affordable and hassle-free way to get term life insurance coverage. It gives a payout in the event of death, terminal illness or total and permanent disability, and premiums start from S$0.37^ per day for S$500,000 coverage. The best part: you don’t need to undergo health checks to get it, just need to answer a few health questions. You can apply online or via a financial adviser representative.  


The Covid-19 pandemic has made us more conscious of our real sources of joy and the importance of protecting what matters for our future. Use your next gifting opportunity to give your child a gift that makes them feel special and shows your lasting love for them.



^ Premium of S$0.37 is based on coverage for a non-smoking female, between 1 and 35 age next birthday (both ages inclusive) with annual premium of S$136 divided over 365 days, rounded down to the nearest cent.


Give your loved ones the gift of financial security with Singlife Simple Term. Apply online or via a financial adviser representative.


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