About Navigator

Meet your investment goals with ease and flexibility

Navigator is an integrated investment platform by Singlife, a leading insurance and investment provider in Singapore. It brings together the products and tools used by your chosen adviser to efficiently manage your investment portfolio.

Once you and your Financial Adviser Representative have determined your investment profile and objectives, the Navigator platform makes it simple to structure a suitable investment portfolio with an extensive range of funds for you to choose from.

All you have to do is to decide with your Financial Adviser Representative which funds to pick and Navigator does all the rest. It’s an arrange that’s not only cost-efficient (no matter how many different funds you invest in, you are charged on the basis of a consolidated portfolio and not at individual fund level), but time-efficient as well, giving you freedom to focus on other things in life.

With a Navigator Investment Account, you can see your portfolio at a glance, to know where you are in meeting your financial goals. What’s more, as a Navigator investor, you can access MySinglife, a secured web portal, that makes it easy for you to access services like quality investment tracking and consolidated reporting.

Investing just got easier, with Navigator.

The team behind Navigator

The Navigator platform is administered by Navigator Investment Services Ltd (the "Company"), which is licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore as a Capital Markets Services (CMS) Licensee under the Securities and Futures Act (Cap. 289), to deal in Collective Investment Schemes (CIS) and provide custodial services. The Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Singapore Life Holdings Pte. Ltd. In Singapore, the Company shares the Management Team of Singapore Life Ltd (“Singlife”).

By combining Singlife’s local expertise with the financial strength of Singlife related group of companies, we are able to offer a world-class investment platform to both investors and advisers, making investing a simpler, better and smarter experience.

Maximum flexibility - choose, then choose again

With partnerships extending to both local and internationally-renowned Fund Managers, Navigator takes pride in giving you an impressive range of quality funds managed by world-class investment talent.

Navigator also teams up with several Financial Advisory Firms, whose qualified representatives can advise you on structuring an investment portfolio to match your personal risk profile and financial objectives. Add this to the suite of Investment Accounts available on the Navigator platform and a vast array of funds spanning different asset classes, geographical sectors and market sectors, you can build a diversified portfolio to meet your particular investment needs while managing the investment risks.

Also, re-balancing your investment portfolio and switching funds are hassle-free with our MySinglife Straight-Through Processing (STP) feature for Navigator. This means that you can make change your portfolio to match your risk tolerance, time horizon and financial goals, even if your circumstances or plans change.

24/7 access to important investment information and reports

Access your Investment Account through MySinglife, anytime, on-the-go. MySinglife acts as a one-stop shop for you to record and track your investments by giving you all the essential information on your Investment Account (and even consolidated reports) in one place.