Are there any fees when using the Singlife card?

If you make overseas transactions and choose to pay in foreign currencies, the Singlife Visa Debit Card offers Visa's competitive exchange rates with no FX fees or charges by us. However, if you choose to pay in Singapore Dollars (SGD) in overseas transactions, amounts will be converted to SGD via dynamic currency conversion, a service offered by selected merchants and websites.

Can I link my Singlife card to Samsung Pay/Apple Pay/Google Pay?

No, but we're actively working to include this feature. 

Can I track my transactions online, outside of the Singlife App?

No, all transactions will only be captured on the Singlife App. However, we do send a summary of your daily transactions to your registered email. 

Can I use my Singlife card as soon as I receive it?

Yes, as long as your policy is in force and your card is activated, you're free to use it right away. 

Can I use my Singlife card overseas?

Yes, you can use the Singlife Visa Debit Card worldwide where Visa is accepted. Spend with the card overseas with no FX fees or charges by us. 

Can I use my Singlife card to pay for my monthly bills and subscriptions?

Yes, you may do so where Visa debit cards are accepted. 

Do I need to activate my Singlife card for overseas transactions?

No, you don’t have to activate the card for overseas transactions. 

How can I enquire about a charge for a transaction I did not make with my Singlife card?

Please contact us here and allow us to investigate further.

How do I activate my Singlife card?

On your Singlife App:

Step 1: Tap on ‘Activate Card’ in your Singlife Account dashboard.

Singlife Account FAQ 76 Singlife Card Step 1

Step 2: Key in the 9-digit number found on the back of your Singlife card to activate it instantly.

Singlife Account FAQ 76 Singlife Card Step 2

How do I manage my usage of the Singlife card?

You can view your transactions, as well as lock and unlock your Singlife card through the Singlife App. 

How long does it take for my Singlife card to be delivered to me?

Your Singlife card should reach you in three to four business days. Check that your delivery address is correct to ensure that it arrives within the stated period. Click here to find out more.

If you still have not received your Singlife card after 14 days from the day you’ve ordered it, please contact our customer support team here or call us at +65 6827 9933.

How will I be billed for TransitLink payments on my Singlife card?

The transactions will be processed, accumulated and charged to your Singlife card. The deductions will come with the merchant descriptor "BUS/MRT SINGAPORE SG". Do note that the processing time for TransitLink transactions may be delayed. For more information, you may visit the TransitLink website.

What are some platforms that do not accept payments with the Singlife card?

Your Singlife card can only be used for contactless payments or with EMV chip-enabled terminals at physical stores.

You will not be able to make payment with the Singlife card at payment terminals that do not have contactless payments or are not EMV chip-enabled.

What are the spending limits on my Singlife card?

The following spending limits are set for your card: Daily spending limit of S$5,000 (or foreign currency equivalent), or 15 transactions, whichever occurs earlier; annual spending limit of S$30,000 (or foreign currency equivalent).

What can I do if I'm unable to order or have yet to receive my Singlife card?

Please contact our customer support team here or call us at +65 6827 9933, if you don't receive your Singlife card after 14 days from the day you've ordered it. 

What kind of transactions count or do not count towards my card spending limits?

The spending limits apply to all card transactions on your Singlife card, whereby payment is made, or an amount is charged for goods, services and/or other benefits. This includes card-not-present transactions, contactless transactions and signature-based point-of-sale transactions. All other transfers/transactions from your Singlife Account, including but not limited to top-ups, withdrawals, payment for other policies, crediting of interest, etc., will not be counted towards the spending limits.

What should I do if my Singlife card is lost or stolen?

Please lock your card immediately via the Singlife App.

Step 1: Go to your Singlife Account dashboard and select 'Card Settings'.

Singlife Account FAQ 88 Singlife Card Step 1

Step 2: Under ‘Your Card Settings’, choose whether to lock or unlock your card using the toggle button.

Singlife Account FAQ 88 Singlife Card Step 2

Step 3: Once you've locked your card, call us at +65 6827 9933 or contact our customer support team to request a replacement.

Singlife Account FAQ 88 Singlife Card Step 3

When do these card spending limits take effect?

The daily spending limit and annual spending limit will take effect once your card is activated.

Where is the Singlife card accepted?

It's accepted by all Visa merchants worldwide.

Who issues the Singlife Visa Debit Card?

Singapore Life Ltd is the card issuer.

Why are there spending limits imposed on my Singlife card?

The spending limits are implemented in accordance with regulatory requirements set by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, on payment service providers. 

Will there be foreign currency deductions for my overseas transactions made with the Singlife card?

Yes. This is if you decide to pay in a foreign currency at the point of sale in an overseas location. For local transactions, deductions will be made in Singapore Dollars (SGD). 

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