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Customer Knowledge Assessment

What is Customer Knowledge Assessment (CKA)?

What is a Specified Investment Product (SIP)?

Who is affected?

How is CKA conducted?

How do I complete the CKA?

How long is my CKA valid?

I failed my CKA. What does it mean for me?

I use your MySinglife platform. Has anything changed on MySinglife for CKA?

Any additional resources I can refer to?


Why am I receiving email(s) from Singlife (via DocuSign EU System [email protected]) regarding documents?

I am directed to ID Check – Personal Information in DocuSign. What should I do?

What do I do after I have received an email to review and sign a document?

How long is the email(s) from Singlife (via DocuSign EU System [email protected]) valid? How long is the email(s) from Singlife (via DocuSign EU System [email protected]) valid?

The mobile number in SMS verification page in DocuSign is wrong or has not been updated. What should I do?

I have completed the document(s). What next?

Personal Data Protection Act – Data Protection / Do-Not-Call

Where can I find out more about how Singlife manages my personal data under the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)?

Nomination of Beneficiaries

To whom does the nomination of beneficiary(ies) framework apply?

Can an employee under a Group Insurance policy make a nomination?**

Can I make a nomination for a policy that I own under Singlife SAF Group Term Life/Health Plan?

Can joint lives policy make a nomination?

Can I make nomination under the new framework if I had already nominated both spouse and/or children as beneficiaries under the old Section 73 framework?

How do you make a nomination?

What do you need to take note when completing the forms?

Do I need to name a trustee for a Trust Nomination?

What are the age requirements for policy owners, trustees and witnesses named in a nomination?

Home Protection Scheme (HPS)

How can I apply for Home Protection Scheme?

What type of insurance policies qualify for Home Protection Scheme?

When can I apply to be exempted from the Home Protection Scheme?

Am I covered under Home Protection Scheme if I terminate the policy/ I do not pay the premiums/make changes to the Sum Assured and Life Rider?

Is Nomination of Beneficiary allowed for policy pledge under Home Protection Scheme?

Can I apply for Application for Home Protection Scheme if my policy has been assigned/pledge as collateral or with outstanding policy loan?

How will I be notified on the status of the Application for Home Protection Scheme?

For more information on Home Protection Scheme, please refer to below link.

Complaints Handling and Resolution Process

What will happen after I have lodged a complaint against my Singlife Relationship Consultant?